Chinese New Year Hampers under SGD300

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This year the Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year will be celebrated on 5th of February 2019. It is the spring festival which celebrates the beginning of the New Year as per traditional Chinese calendar. Traditionally people exchange gifts which include fruits, cakes, chocolates, biscuits etc. It is the time to pick and choose amazing gifts for your friends, family and corporate associates. These gifts are a form of sending across blessing and good wishes for a happy and healthy new year.

How to Improve Your Business with Corporate Gifts

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It is hard work managing a company, especially during this competitive era where other budding companies thrive in various overlapping fields. As a growing business, nothing matters more to you than your clients’ utmost loyalty and trust. In order to have good rapport and build a lasting relationship that can ultimately keep your business going in the long run, it is well worth your time and money to invest in a little corporate gift giving once in a while.

Christmas Hampers under SGD175

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The end of the year is a perfect time to show your corporate clients how much they mean to you. A thoughtful gift goes a long way and makes a big difference to the general business dynamic. Christmas offers the great opportunity for you and your company to deliver your words of gratitude.

Christmas Hampers Under SGD115

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With our hectic schedules and extensive planning, sometimes we forget the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas doesn’t have to be a picture-perfect festival laden with lavish presents and glamour. Instead, the celebrations should entail a joyous time with your family and friends, a time to connect with your loved ones, and an opportunity to share your fascinating stories with one another. What better way to enjoy the holiday spirit than a well affordable Christmas hamper packed with all the good snacks to bond over. Here are our top picks:

Singaporean Favourite Christmas Hampers 2018

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Here at Gift Hampers Singapore, we know what an important time Christmas is for you and your loved ones. After doing some research, our staff handpicked the finest quality items and packed them together for our wide selection of luxury Christmas hampers. Not only could you delight your family and friends with one of these, but you could also use them as corporate gifts to show how much you care.

NO to Trick, YES to Treat – Top 3 Halloween treats

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Get ready for a fabulous festival of fear and fun! Taking place on October 31st, Halloween is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time for you to get creative.

Healthy Gift Hampers Ideas

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Welcome to our era – a time of health awareness. Leading a healthy lifestyle and having a healthy diet is all the rage these days. Flip open a magazine or scroll down your Instagram feed and you’re bound to find something related to health. It’s become a trend, and there is a good reason why that is the case.

Mid-Autumn Festival Hampers - Under SGD200

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Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore has always been a wonderfully memorable event. Taking place this September 24th, the festival marks the end of the autumn harvest and depicts the time of the year where the moon is at its brightest.

Why you should send a fruit hamper?

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Open a magazine or turn on the TV and you’re bound to find something related to health. As well as the food you put into your mouth. This, my friends, is the era of health awareness. People start to look into methods on how to get into shape. They become more wary of their diet and nutrition. Recipe and fitness books take up a big section of the shelves in book stores, and restaurants boast healthier options on their menus. Snacks and treats are swapped for healthier options, such as packaged and fresh fruit. All of this is a determined attempt to become healthy or to maintain a certain level of good health

Pro Tip: Pairing Dessert, Wine and More

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Sophisticated and indulgent, wine and cheese make the perfect gourmet pair. The rich, saltiness of the delicious aged cheeses complimented with the tastes of different varieties of grapes can create an out of the world sensory experience for your guests. Sips and desserts also go hand-in-hand at any celebration. Try deviating from the regular salty accompaniments and temper your palate with a dose of your favorite dessert to go along with the best old wine at your next soiree.

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