Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Ideas

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Shopping for Mid-Autumn Festival gifts for colleagues or close loved ones? Here are some perfect gift ideas suitable for anybody in your life

Unique Wine Gift Ideas 2017

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As a holiday or special occasion gift, wine is always a fantastic choice. So, what do you buy for the wine connoisseur who already has it all? This guide will help you pick out the perfect wine gift for anybody.

Stylish Baby Gifts in Singapore: Modern Gift Ideas for Baby Showers and New-borns

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 Choosing the perfect gift for that precious newborn can be difficult. What do you buy for the baby who has everything? Here's how selecting a modern, stylish present can be fun for everybody.

Hari Raya Gift Ideas 2017

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Hari Raya is a holiday on which many people return to their roots to commemorate the special time. From religious services to family dinners, this is an important time. Hari Raya marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. This means that many people will come together and visit family members they have not seen in awhile.

Easter Gift Ideas 2017

Posted on in Blog by June Lim

When you think about sending a gift for Easter, you probably first think of an Easter basket. The Easter basket has been a family favorite for years, from the United States to Singapore. Wth Gift Hampers SG, you can easily purchase your Easter basket and ensure that it makes it to the hands of your loved one in time for the big day.

Year of the Rooster

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With Chinese New Year quickly approaching, you may be wondering what are the Dos and Don'ts. With 2017 as the year of the rooster, you may be wondering what this means. This year will also be considered a fire year. Those born under the sign of the rooster and the fire will be honored during this time.

Singapore's Best Christmas Buffets

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Many of Singapore’s finest hotel restaurants will be serving up delicious delights this Christmas. If you want to experience a truly amazing Christmas, check out these holiday buffets this year


2016 Christmas Hamper Essentials

Posted on in Blog by June Lim

Of course, the Christmas tradition is to give presents to celebrate the holiday. Now, what do you do when you need to buy products for your entire family? What do you buy for the person who already has everything they could ever want?

5 Easy Ways to Turn Fruits into Delicious Guilt-Free Snacks

Posted on in Blog by June Lim

We all succumb to snacking in one way or another, be it due to hunger, craving, or pure boredom. Instead of indulging in unhealthy food items such as chips, why not use fruits to create healthy and delicious snacks that you can enjoy with a peace of mind? Here are 5 creative and easy recipes that will put a positive spin to snacking!

Singapore 5 Best and Unique Mooncake Packaging for Mid-Autumn Festival 2016

Posted on in Blog by June Lim

Mid-Autumn Festival is the time where everyone gather together to catch up and bond. Not only we enjoy those novel flavors of the mooncake, we have also learnt to appreciate the exquisite packaging. Here, we have showcase the best and unique mooncake packaging.

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