While it may be the standard motion to send out mooncakes to celebrate Mid-Autumn, isn’t it time to spice things up? Whether you are shopping for festival gifts for colleagues or close loved ones, you have options. It has never been easier to demonstrate just how much you care.

These are some of our favorite Mid-Autumn Festival gift ideas, perfectly suitable for anybody in your life.


Mooncakes are the quintessential Mid-Autumn gift. They can also be an exciting gift because there are so many different options to choose from. Traditional flavors like red bean paste are great for professional settings, but new, invigorating flavors are great for personal relationships. If you want to try something new, select a green tea or chocolate mooncake for a surprise gift.

Fruit Hampers

Fruit hampers are one of the best gifts for Mid-Autumn, especially because fruit can be offered to visitors as part of hosting during the festival. Many of the most popular fruits for Mid-Autumn include grapes, pomegranates, pears, and grapefruits. These are the perfect fruits for this time of year because this is when they become ripe.

Fruits can also have symbolic meanings. For instance, pears can be symbolic of keeping a family together. Keep this in mind as you select fruit gifts for special people in your life.


Tea is a great choice of beverage for any time of the day, but it is also perfectly paired with Mid-Autumn mooncakes. Tea is relatively healthy and can be paired with a number of festival dishes. It is also a gift that shows that you care about somebody hosting many people for the festivities. Tea is the perfect beverage to offer visitors.


Wine is an excellent gift for the host or hostess in your life. If you know somebody who will be dining with family during the festival, wine shows that you encourage a lovely evening with loved ones. It is a thoughtful gift to bring with you if you are invited to the gathering as well.

Gift Hampers

Of course, you also have the option of combining all these fantastic gifts into one present. A gift hamper creates a compelling present that is sure to be remembered. A fruit hamper can arrive in exciting packing alongside a bottle of wine or a box of mooncakes everybody can share. You can even customize the gift based on the size of the gathering or the personal preferences of the gift’s recipient.

Our Favorite Mid-Autumn Hampers

With so many different hampers to choose from, it can be intimidating to start shopping. We make it easy by offering a number of excellent gift hampers for the celebration. Try one of these hampers to send a thoughtful present this festival season.

Gold Blossom Fruit Hamper

The Gold Blossom Fruit Hamper is a lovely gift for helping to build fun memories together. The gift hamper contains a variety of symbolic and delicious fruit, ranging from apples and plums to mini watermelons and pineapples. It is a simple but thoughtful present for your loved ones

Delightful Fruit Hamper with Peninsula Mooncake & Tonic Wine

We also highly recommend the Delightful Fruit Hamper with Peninsula Mooncake & Tonic Wine gift. This Mid-Autumn gift contains fresh fruits, mini egg custard mooncakes, and a bottle of liqueur. It is perfect for everybody, ranging from family members to colleagues. Select the drink of your choice to include with this fruit basket, which includes a variety of delicious produce ranging from mangoes and honeydew to oranges and plums.

Luscious Fruit Hamper with Wine or Champagne

The Luscious Fruit Hamper with Wine or Champagne is another perfect gift option. This exclusive gift basket is full of fun items for friends, family, and colleagues. Start by selecting a bottle of French wine or champagne. Then, select a size suitable for the group you are sending the present to. Then, be happy knowing that your gift of delicious fruit will be enjoyed by everybody you care about.

Festive Fruit Hamper with Peninsula Mooncake

We love the Festive Fruit Hamper with Peninsula Mooncake gift too. With several different types of baskets to choose from ranging from small to large, you can send your loved ones a variety of fresh fruits. The mini egg custard mooncakes are also delectable.

Now that you have some good ideas for friends, colleagues, and family members, you can send a Mid-Autumn gift with no difficulty. We offer high-quality hampers and ingredients that allow you to rest easy knowing that you have selected the perfect gift.