Around the globe, Chinese people will celebrate the Spring Festival which is commonly known as Chinese New Year on 5th February 2019. The New Year is celebrated with lot of fun and frolic. Wonderful fireworks, colourful parades, and traditional Chinese cultural performances are displayed all across the world in honour of this special day.

Singapore's population consists primarily of Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian ethnic groups. Chinese residents account for about 75% of the total population, so during Chinese New Year, the whole of Singapore is excited and ready for the celebrations. Singaporeans have their own unique way of bringing in the Chinese New Year festivities, they celebrate by mixing old and new traditions. Their style of celebrating is highly influenced from other cultures.

Three ways to celebrate Chinese New year in Singapore:

  • Visit the River Hongbao: Get ready to binge on mouth-watering delicacies, watching extravaganza of fireworks display, number of amusement rides to enjoy. Performances by top artists, a complete fun filled experience. The perfect way to welcome the Chinese New Year.
  • Chingay Parade: This parade is a spectacular street and float parade which takes place every year to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The parade is an extravaganza celebration having traditional lion and dragon dance performances, huge floats, multicultural performances, music and fireworks display.
  • Reunion Dinner: Time for families to get together and bring in the New Year as they all come together for the reunion dinner. It is considered to be the most important meal of the year.

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