When you think about sending a gift for Easter, you probably first think of an Easter basket. The Easter basket has been a family favorite for years, from the United States to Singapore. If you celebrate Easter with your children, there is no way you can get through the holiday without purchasing or making a basket, often full of treats, toys, and other fun goodies.

The good news is that there is no tried and true Easter basket formula. You can buy or create a personal basket that speaks to your relationship with people you love. Wth Gift Hampers SG, you can easily purchase your Easter basket and ensure that it makes it to the hands of your loved one in time for the big day.

The Story of Easter and the Easter Bunny

Easter is a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus; however, Easter has also become a secular holiday for many non-Christians as well. This means that people celebrate Easter in a variety of different ways. This is how the Easter bunny, which is in no way mentioned in Biblical scripture, comes into play.

The origin of the Easter bunny is unknown, but there are a few theories about it. In one theory, the rabbit is the symbol of fertility according to pagan traditions. Another idea stems from eggs as a symbol for bringing about new life, and this is why the Easter bunny prances around hiding eggs.

The idea may come from Germany before traveling to the United States, where the immigrants made nests for their colored eggs. Over time, the story became one involving the Easter bunny leaving behind presents for children, often left in baskets.

Why Eggs Represent Easter & Egg Hunts

Eggs tend to represent Easter because of their representation of new life. An egg is one of the first steps to the existence of a new baby, which is also commonly associated with the season of spring. For this reason, springtime and Easter go hand in hand.

Today, egg hunts are incredibly common among those who celebrate Easter. Parents, or “the Easter Bunny,” will hide decorated eggs around the house or yard. Children will hunt down the eggs, uncovering every nook and cranny in the hope of finding as many eggs as possible. There may be a prize available for the child who finds the most eggs, or perhaps the child will uncover an Easter basket in the process.

How to Celebrate Easter

Fortunately, there are many ways to celebrate Easter. People who are religious may opt to go to church for a special service. It is often a big ceremony held on Easter Sunday. After the service, families may go out to lunch or to spend some time together. It is common for people to dress up in their best clothing for this special holiday.

In other cases, giving presents is a fun way to celebrate. Easter baskets and egg hunts are the  most traditional presents. There are many available, plenty of which are easy to order online with Gift Hampers HK. This means the Easter bunny will have plenty of time off this year!

Gift Basket Suggestions

Are you looking for the perfect present for a loved one this Easter? Whether you are purchasing a gift basket for a young child or an adult who loves holidays and sweets, these baskets are excellent choices.


The Indulgence Easter Hamper includes a variety of chocolates, including an egg shaped chocolate, milk & dark chocolate assortment, and vanilla fudges. It also comes with a Moët & Chandon Champagne Imperial, all arriving in our signature basket that makes for the perfect Easter keepsake.



The Easter Goody Basket is also a fantastic choice, offering an assortment of milk chocolate, Cadbury eggs, chocolate expresso biscuits, and more. The organic weave basket includes milk chocolate that is simply to die for.



We love the Easter Cheer Hamper, which is delightful for adults who have a sweet tooth (or a few). It includes a creative set in addition to a Ghirardelli chocolate bunny and shortbread biscuits. A egg shaped chocolate, and a bottle of mini Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut are also included.

Easter is an exciting time for celebration. No matter how you opt to celebrate, an Easter hamper will show th
e people around you that you care. One of your lovely gift hampers is sure to show exactly how you feel with somebody near and dear to your heart.