Why is it important to gift your father this Father's Day?

Remember the days when someone kind and strong held your hand, fixed your roller skates and made you feel safe and loved? How about the man who guided you through life lessons, leading you down your journey every step of the way with a lit torch and taught you all those wonderful things that are useful today? And how could we ever forget the silly dad jokes that make you groan in despair, the notorious 70’s and 80’s singing in the shower and, most importantly, the joyous memories and fun you’ve shared all these years?

It is time to show your dad how much you appreciate all these fond memories – and many more! – by making this Father’s Day extra special! Finding something to gift a man who never asked for anything back can be challenging, but it is nonetheless important to grant your father a delightful Father’s Day celebration to show how much you value his efforts. Adding an element of surprise can help make things interesting, just as he had done for you when you were a child.


What to Do to Surprise Your Dad

There are many ways you could use to surprise your dad this coming Father’s Day. Here at Gift Hamper’s Singapore, your top-notch online gift store based in Singapore, we understand the value, effort and sincerity our customers have in ensuring that a celebration goes plain sailing. Not only do our gifts come in the finest quality, we always aim to provide excellent service to our customers, offering gift ideas and advice as well as free delivery to all Singapore metropolitan areas.


  • A Surprise Party: Why not hold a surprise party for your dad this year? Wait until he has left the house and decorate the place with blue balloons. Some may even prepare speeches or a beautiful card that lists all the great times you’ve had together. He will surely get a great surprise on his return. Ensure that he feels extra special by ordering him a wonderful hamper that is catered to his wellbeing. We love Oriental Goodness, the perfect gift to wish him the best of health, wealth and happiness! In this beautifully packaged Gift Hampers Singapore Traditional Basket, you will find Koi Fish Dried Mushroom, New Moon Essence of Chicken, and Skylight Buddha Jump Over The Wall, all traditional delicacies that show how much you truly care for him. Price: S$85.00

  • After Dinner Stroll: After a lovely meal, bring your dad to a park or garden, somewhere you could have some quality time together. Offer him an amazing hamper like our Secret Admirer hamper that is packed full of delightful treats; Mathez Plain Truffles Chocolate, Emily Crisps Crunchy Spring Greens, Kalios Pistachios /Almonds/ Cashews, Shortbread House of Edinburgh Handmade Shortbread, Castaing Duck Terrine with Armanac, The Fine Cheese Co. Fine English Charcoal Square and enjoy with a bottle of De Luxe Croix Du Marquis Merlot. Price: S$175.00


  • Beach Day: Nothing beats a fine day beside the sea! With the fine warm golden sand beneath your feet and the blue sea glistening beneath the sun, the beach is a truly brilliant place to take your dad this Father’s Day. Enjoy the relaxing time together furthermore with this Classic Fruit Hamper & Champagne, a healthy and delicious gift that is bound to delight. Indulge in a fine selection of fruit such as apples, kiwis, oranges, pears, citrus leiocarpa, nashi pears, grapes, blueberries, dragon fruit, grapefruit, pomelo and pineapple, as well as a fine bottle of French Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Champagne to toast to a memorable evening. Price: S$209.00 - S$229.00, depending on size of basket