It's that time of the year again – where we’re reaching the end of Ramadan, and Hari Raya is just around the corner! Get ready for the lavish feasts and joyous celebrations as we dive into this wondrous occasion with all the people "wyswe love.

Every year, Hari Raya commemorates a very special time for fellow Muslims all around the globe. Don’t forget to mark it down on the 15th of June in your calendar for 2018! We can take part in the glorious festival by opting to wake up early and pay a visit to the local mosque. We will give our gratitude to God for all the wonderful blessings bestowed upon us in our lives. We also strive to seek for forgiveness from our elders for all the mistakes made and valuable lessons learned. This is highly symbolic of new beginnings and traditionally, we will receive green packets containing money.

Beautiful, brightly-coloured clothing is worn on this festive day and visits are made to family and friends’ houses where delicious meals are served. On this special day, we must not forget to prep our gifts for our lovely hosts. Here, we have a few suggestions as to what may be the most suitable gifts to deliver to their door. 

Eid Superior Hamper

Just one look at Eid Superior Hamper and you will quickly find it to be the most superior basket indeed! Hari Raya is known for its fantastic gourmet, and this amazing hamper is packed with just all that! With an amazing selection of both white and milk chocolates, an assortment of toffees and caramels, and a healthy choice of cashew nuts and scrumptious mixed berries, this delicious selection is sure to get everyone reaching for more. The hamper includes Foley & Court Assorted Toffees & Caramels, La Ronda Mostly Milk Chocolate, Daiana Premium Almond White Chocolate, Beryl's Assortment Milk Chocolate, Nut Walker Black Pepper Cashew Nuts, and Nature's Sensation Dried Mixed Berries, complete with an exclusive gift box and a complimentary message card.

Premium Hari Raya Hamper

This is a gourmet hamper perfect for anyone who enjoys healthy treats and nibbles! Dig deep into this lovely basket and you will find an array of colourful goodies, ideal for laying out and passing around during festivals and celebrations. It is undoubtedly also a delightful gift for the sweet-toothed as it is exploding with a variety of mouth-watering chocolates, including milk chocolate and mint-flavoured bitter chocolate. It also prides in its deliciously tempting pralines, cookies, cashew nuts and dates. Includes Confetti Crispo, Daiana Sweet Heart Choco Beans, Daiana Coffee Break Hazelnut Choco Roll, Surfbreak Pralines Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut, Aalst Whole Hazelnut Milk Chocolate, Beryl's Mint & Bitter Chocolate, K. Harrodson Raspberry Butter Cookies, Sunkist Cashews Dry Roasted & Light Salt, Date-Licious Buah Kurma Dates.


Hari Raya Blessings

Show how much you care for someone by presenting them with this incredibly sweet hamper on your visit! Filled with all the wonderful snacks you could have to feast upon on a special evening in, this is the best gift to give to someone you love. This hamper includes Foley & Court Assorted Toffees & Caramels, Volume Chocolate Bar with Orange Cream Filling, Volume Chocolate Bar with Hazelnut Cream Filling, Ferrero Rocher, Nut Walker Spicy Onion Cashew Nuts, Date-Licious Buah Kurma Dates, and English tea; something for everyone to enjoy! It also includes the delightfully popular savoury Gourmet Salted Egg Yolk Potato Crisp that will put a smile on their face.