Get ready for a wonderful time this Hari Raya in Singapore! This spectacular festival celebrates the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting, with the lavish feasts with family and friends as well as the most colourful decorations to light up the homes. Here at Gift Hampers Singapore, we truly look forward to all the exciting activities that lies ahead.


Celebrating Hari Raya

This year, Hari Raya is celebrated on 5th June. It is an important festival that commemorates a very special time for Muslims all over the world, marking the end of a fasting period. Distinctive traditions include visiting the local mosque and giving gratitude to God for all the blessings we have received, asking for forgiveness from our elders for all the mistakes we have made and giving thanks for all the valuable lessons we have learned from them. It is also common practice to receive green money packets after the completion of these tasks.

On this festive day, brilliantly vibrant clothing is usually worn as we go from house to house, paying visits to our family and friends. The atmosphere is warm as we exchange blessings and gifts with loved ones and enjoy a hearty meal together.


Hari Raya Gift Culture – What Shall we Give on this Day?

When people think of Hari Raya, they tend to look forward to the celebrations of togetherness, spending quality time with the people they love and an almost endless supply of scrumptious foods. It is an opportunity to show your considerate side with a practical, yet delightful gift that can be used at a festival like this.

So, what better gift to give than an amazing hamper to fuel the endless banter at the dinner table! We, at Gift Hampers Singapore, simply can’t wait to offer you some fantastic gift ideas and stunning gift baskets that will not disappoint. Indulging oneself in a nutritious supply of gourmet is vital. Gourmet hampers should include a variety of snack items to pass around, such as chocolate, cookies, dates, nuts, chips, biscuits, candies and wafers.

Gift Hampers Singapore is the premium online gift shop in Singapore that provides you with excellent quality gift hampers, great customer service as well as free delivery to all Singapore metropolitan areas. We have conjured up some fabulous health-conscious hampers for you to bring to your loved ones this Hari Raya:


3 Different Styles of Hari Raya Hampers


1. Sugary Delights

Know someone who’s got a sweet tooth? Then this gift is perfect for them! Gift Hampers Singapore Organic Weave Basket is packed with sweet by healthy snacks. Chocolate pistachios, dates, mixed fruit chips, wasabi coated green peas, sour cream chips, crispy broccoli florets, assorted milk chocolate and coconut cereal bites are all sure to delight. Price: S$125.00


2. Hari Raya Deluxe

If you’ve got a small party of friends or colleagues to see, you can’t go empty handed. This lovely hamper is ideal for sharing and connecting with one another. In Gift Hampers Singapore Exclusive Weave Box, you will find mixed veggie chips, roasted and light salt walnuts, chilli lime peanuts, almond coated in rich dark chocolate, seedless dates and blueberry butter cookies. Toast to a wonderful evening with a refreshing glass of sparkling white grape juice. Price: S$89.00


3. Hari Raya Moments

Capture the true essence of Hari Raya with your family and closest friends with this simply irresistible gourmet hamper. Not only does it come in a Gift Hampers Singapore Exclusive Zig Zag Basket, it’s also got all the delicacies fir for royalty, from rock sugar bottled bird’s nest, gourmet salted egg yolk fish skin crisp, and a variety of veggie and fruit chips to organic jam, seedless dates, and washed down with a glass of sparkling white grape juice. Price: S$160.00