Hari Raya is a holiday on which many people return to their roots to commemorate the special time. From religious services to family dinners, this is an important time. Hari Raya marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. This means that many people will come together and visit family members they have not seen in awhile. These gatherings are often gathered around food.


The history of Hari Raya is significant in the Muslim religion. This holiday celebrates the day on which the fasting of Ramadan ends. Ramadan requires a period of fasting during daylight hours throughout the month. Other moral restrictions are in place during this time as well. For this reason, families, friends, and neighborhoods often get together to celebrate with fine spreads of delicious meals once the period of time ends.

Of course, this also means that you may be expected to bring a gift to a family event. If you are not sure what kind of gift to bring for the holiday, this guide will help you. Whether you are celebrating Hari Raya with a family dinner or will be showing your love from afar, you will learn which gift options are available to you.


Celebrate Hari Raya with a Family Dinner

There are so many ways to celebrate this holiday. Family dinner is a fantastic way to spend time together. In many cases, bringing a delicious dish to a family dinner is more than enough to offer in terms of a present. Malay food is always perfect for Hari Raya celebrations.


Lemang, a rice cake cooked with bamboo, is a common dish during Hari Raya festivities. Bringing this dish to dinner with the family provides the perfect way to show that you care.


Satay, which consists of seasoned, skewered meat, is a delightful family dish. If you want to impress the family, be sure to bring a delightful sauce.


Curry is another tried and true favorite, especially for Hari Raya. If you want to appeal to everybody’s taste, different types of curry will certainly leave a mark on the family.


Celebrate Hari Raya with Gifts

Many gifts are automatically associated with Hari Raya. For instance, the use of lanterns known as pelita may lead you to provide lanterns for your family so that they can create their own display. There are many gifts out there that will help you connect with your loved ones this holiday season.

Gift hampers are a fantastic choice for Hari Raya, especially because so many people open their homes to friends, family members, and neighbors as part of an open house celebration. Guests will expect there to be plenty of food available, so these gift hampers are sure to come in handy during the festivities.


Here are some of our favorite gift suggestions for Hari Raya:

The Eid Feast gift hamper helps any family celebrate a harmonious and happy event. This basket contains a variety of delicious food items ranging from butter cookies, sparkling grape juice and novelty chocolate. The assortment of halal snacks will make the occasion all the more fun.


We love the Eid of Happiness hamper, which includes an assortment of halal snacks. Your gift’s recipient will love the range of dates, cookies, and other sweets. Celebrate with a large family with this rich gift, which offers an assortment of sugary and salty treats.



The Celebration and Merriment is another lovely hamper for the holidays. It allows anybody to fill their home with goodies to appeal to the entire family, plus guests. Gift hamper items include an arrangement of cookies and nuts that will keep everybody occupied during festivities and celebration.


Of course, the real meaning behind a gift is what truly matters. When you send a gift hamper to your beloved friends and family members, you are showing them that you care. Each item in the gift hamper will remind them that you took the time to send your love, even if you were unable to come to the event yourself.


Choosing the perfect gift hamper for a Hari Raya present does not have to be difficult. This celebration marks the end of fasting, so food items are always a pleasure to receive. When you order your gifts for Hari Raya this year, make sure to consider the variety of food items available to you.