Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore has always been a wonderfully memorable event. Taking place this September 24th, the festival marks the end of the autumn harvest and depicts the time of the year where the moon is at its brightest.

Held in lunar appreciation, most of the fun begins after dusk. Children are seen sporting various kinds of lanterns, from the traditional paper lanterns fixed into exquisite shapes using wires and lit with a single wax candle from within to the modern plastic lanterns with a battery-operated bulb. Either way, they are sure to have lots of fun walking up and down the streets with their favourite lantern!

One of the best places to truly experience the joyful festivities is Chinatown. Vibrant decorations are hung to match the exciting atmosphere brewing in the streets, and you can sample delicious mooncakes and herbal tea while watching spectacular performances and lantern-painting competitions. You can also attend Moonfest, an annual Chinese arts festival that caters to the whole family or take a walk down Chinese Garden and admire the beautifully crafted lanterns.

If staying with the family and relaxing is more your thing, you may be happy to know that you can have just as much fun at home, even amidst the hustle and bustle during this festival! Moon-viewing parties are held at households, allowing family and friends to gather in open areas, enjoying mooncakes, accompanied by cups of tea and appreciating the glowing beauty of the moon. Some may even take part in reciting or composing poetry with respect to the Tang Dynasty style.

Mid-Autumn Festival is fundamentally a celebration with the family and close friends. What better way to appreciate the moon together than with a special prized hamper, containing everything you need for the occasion? We have chosen three of our favourites, perfect for that lovely gathering. The best part is, everything listed here costs under S$200, so you don’t have to break your bank.

Full Moon Fruit Hamper with wine

This hamper is simply bursting with the freshest and most delicious seasonal fruits out on the market! Ideal for parties and gatherings where everyone can take and pick their favourite fruits, there is more than enough for everyone. Price: S$85.00, an additional S$20.00 for the choice of a 750ml bottle of Producta Bolero VDT Bordeaux Rouge or a 750ml bottle of Accademia Lambrusco Dell’Emilia.

Delightful Fruit Hamper with wine or champagne

Here is a delightful basket of treats for everyone in the family! Containing a grand selection of various juicy and exotic fruits, this basket has what could help tone down the stuffed feeling of a heavy meal, not uncommon during Mid-Autumn Festival with its abundance of mooncakes and late-night dinners. Choice of basket could be standard or large, catering to family size. You could also choose between a 750ml bottle of French Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Champagne or a 750ml bottle of Producta Bolero VDT Bordeaux Rouge.

Luscious Fruit Hamper with Peninsula Mooncake

If you and your family love mooncakes, you’re in for a treat! This wonderful hamper not only consists of your favourite seasonal fruits, but also eight delectable mini custard mooncakes for you to enjoy. You could opt for a medium sized basket for smaller gatherings (price: S$180.00), or a large basket for bigger parties (price: S$200.00). An absolute favourite for the sweet-toothed!