Sophisticated and indulgent, wine and cheese make the perfect gourmet pair. The rich, saltiness of the delicious aged cheeses complimented with the tastes of different varieties of grapes can create an out of the world sensory experience for your guests. Sips and desserts also go hand-in-hand at any celebration. Try deviating from the regular salty accompaniments and temper your palate with a dose of your favorite dessert to go along with the best old wine at your next soiree.

If you have a specific dessert in mind, it is extremely easy to select the bottle of wine which is equally sweet for the taste. The three major factors to deliberate when choosing a bottle of wine to pair with your desserts are: acidity, intensity and sweetness.

Fresh Fruits:

Fruit-based desserts often go well with acidic wines, as they help in counterbalancing the natural acidity. White wines are more acidic in nature and naturally have undertones of stone fruit, candied citrus and honey in them. The sweetness of the wines or champagne will highlight the different flavors in fruit-centric desserts.

An apple pie or a summertime peach tart or a carrot cake are great accompaniments for wine. Try using chocolate dipped seasonal fruits like strawberries and kiwis along with the wine, the sweet sour taste of chocolate dipped fruits are mouthwatering and go well with the best wines.


The general thumb rule in selecting wines and their accompaniments is the darker the dessert, the darker the wine. The flavors and taste of the wine should be as strong as the desserts served. Try pairing rich, decadent chocolate cakes and confectionaries with red wines. These deep hued red wines are sweet dessert wines made from Syrah or Portuguese grapes fortified with brandy.


Sparkling wines vary in their level of sweetness and acidity. The buttery, yeast which is often found in sparkling wine goes well as an accompaniment with rich, caramelized butter based desserts. The creamy richness of cheesecake topped with fresh fruits and a crumbly cracker crust add the much required sweetness to the taste while balancing the dryness of the sparkling wine.

We have got together some of the best wine and dessert hampers which can be an ideal gift for house warming or any family celebrations.

Everything Chocolate is a simple and inexpensive gift hamper which can thrill a true chocolate fan. Chocolate espresso biscuits, truffles chocolate, assorted chocolates paired with a well-balanced French wine. This great combo is neatly organized in an elegant gift box. A wonderful gift for house warming celebrations.

A simple basket of wine and treats for an avid reader. The basket packs in a good book, which the reader can enjoy along with the best textures and flavors from the basket. Crispy crackers alone or topped with savory terrine, buttery handmade biscuits, crunchy wholesome nuts, sweet chocolates coupled with a velvety red wine. Nobody can ask for anything better. The Avid Reader is the best combination of mental relaxation with great taste.

This hamper is ideal for those who prefer different textures and tastes at the same time. Our Gourmet Assortment of smoked cheese biscuit, crunchy smoked almond, crumbly honey pecan biscuits, instant -melt chocolate truffles and rich red wine are packed in a pretty woven basket. Your family or friends are bound to feel overwhelmed by this amazing basket of goodies.