Managing a company in Singapore’s thriving economy can be tough, especially when other competitors are in the view of your clients. As a budding business, nothing matters more than your clients’ loyalty and trust in your company that you put so much hard work into. In order to maintain a good rapport and build a lasting relationship with your clients, it is well worth your time and efforts to invest in a little corporate gift giving at appropriate times.


What is corporate gift giving?

Corporate gift giving is where your company offers tokens of appreciation to your favourite clients. These tokens include gift baskets, hampers or products that greatly represent your business’ core values and identity. They could also be in the form of services, such as gift cards, coupons and vacations for your clients to enjoy.


The benefits of sending corporate gifts

By sending corporate gifts to your prized clients, you are indicating that you greatly value their support. It clearly shows your generosity, humility and willingness to give back. Giving meaningful gifts at appropriate times reflects upon how much you genuinely care for your clients and displays your high level of consideration for their wants and needs. The kind gesture is usually well received by clients and can greatly help strengthen the business bond between both parties. Not only will corporate gifting do wonders for the public opinion of your brand, it will increase chances of your clients returning for more business, as well as possible new referrals.


What are the most appropriate business gifts in your industry?

Sometimes it can be hard to pin-point the best gifts to give your clients, as everyone has their own set of wants and preferences.

For starters, however, it may be a good idea to not give gifts that are overly promotional, gifts that ignore their interests or even gifts that are too personal, simply to stay in the realm of a business-client relationship.

Fortunately, gourmet hampers are always a winner in this field. Whatever the occasion, gourmet hampers are warming and well-received by people of all ages. It is also ideal for special occasions which is usually around the time where you will be corporate gifting.


What are the best gourmet options for corporate gifting?

Gourmet can be a form of luxury / premium corporate gift, depending on the nature or quality of the gourmet involved. Some gourmet gift ideas include incorporating different types of gourmet into a hamper so that there will be something for everyone. Types of gourmet include snacks such as biscuits, crackers, chocolate, truffles, nuts, wine and many more.

Your best bet is to bulk order from professional gift suppliers, like Gift Hampers Singapore, where our gift experts will offer you sound advice and provide you with high quality gifts that will not disappoint. Here are our top picks:


3 Different Styles of Corporate Gourmet Hampers

1. Secret Admirer: Packed with truffles, crunchy nuts and greens, buttery shortbread, crispy bath ovals and duck terrine, this is a fantastic gift to show your clients how much you care about them. Price: S$175

2. Gourmet Indulgence: For those who are into Italian cuisine, this is the perfect hamper! The seasoning provided in this gift as well as the crispy snacks are enough to conjure up a fantastic evening for your client to indulge in. Price: S$208

3. Gourmet Assortment: A varied deluxe basket of goodies for everyone! This hamper contains smoked cheese biscuit, crunchy smoked almond, crumbly honey pecan biscuits, decadent chocolate truffles and red wine to toast the wonderful night away. Price: S$179