Open a magazine or turn on the TV and you’re bound to find something related to health. As well as the food you put into your mouth.

This, my friends, is the era of health awareness. People start to look into methods on how to get into shape. They become more wary of their diet and nutrition. Recipe and fitness books take up a big section of the shelves in book stores, and restaurants boast healthier options on their menus. Snacks and treats are swapped for healthier options, such as packaged and fresh fruit. All of this is a determined attempt to become healthy or to maintain a certain level of good health. Fruits are definitely the go-to gift to show how much you care about the receiver’s health and well-being. Fruit baskets are a traditional popular gift in Asia. Having a good diet rich in fruits, along with vegetables, can reduce the risk for obesity, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Fruits also generally taste delicious as an after dinner treat and are rich in all the good nutrients that will keep the body functioning well. They are generally low in caloric value too. So, perhaps you would reconsider sending that basketful of chocolates and cookies, and opt for a healthy and deliciously tempting fruit hamper instead. Here are a few hampers we’d highly recommend you to present as a gift on your next visit.

Classic Fruit Hamper

Can a gift get more beautiful and colourful than this? This Classic Fruit Hamper is perfect for showing your true appreciation and care for someone! Piled up high in this amazingly luxurious basket is an abundance of succulent fresh fruits, and even seasonal options such as kiwis and blueberries. It may also include apples, oranges, pears, citrus leiocarpa, grapes, peaches, dragon fruits, grapefruit, pomelo, and pineapple. No matter who the recipient is, this hamper will definitely have a little something for everyone. The ultimate housewarming gift for a friend, or festival gift for all the family. The basket comes in one of two colours: stylish white or natural brown, and in different sizes.

French Prestige

Ooh la la! Take a little trip across the waters and get a taste of France with this wonderful gift hamper. French Prestige provides you with all the things you need for a romantic picnic with a significant other or for as a delightfully refreshing party. Treat the recipient to a scrumptious mix of all the hand-picked seasonal fruits, including blueberries, kiwis, dragon fruit, pineapple and watermelon. Indulge in the warming atmosphere as one tastes the fruits, cleverly paired with French Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Champagne and delectable Venchi chocolates. The fruit basket comes in one of two colours: stylish white or natural brown, and in different sizes.

Deluxe Fruit Hamper with Tonic Wine

Go back to basics with this our Deluxe Fruit Hamper with Tonic Wine. The traditional weave basket is practically overflowing with all the temptingly fresh and juicy fruits you can find, including apples, kiwis, oranges, pears, citrus leiocarpa, nashi pears, grapes, dragon fruit, grapefruit, pomelo, and pineapple. Customise your pick by choosing the best bottle of wine to suit the occasion; the silky, honeyed and spiced Dom Benedictine or rich and smooth citrus-like Wincarnis. The ideal thank you, corporate or festival gift.