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Chinese New Year Hamper

Chinese New Year offers a universal fresh start for everybody, and many enjoy spreading some holiday cheer during this time of hope. This is one holiday where everybody embraces good fortune and best wishes, so show how much you care for your loved ones by delivering them a thoughtful gift. Nothing sends a message of gratitude and happiness like a beautiful gift hamper.

Whether you are interested in sending some wine and chocolates to your significant other to celebrate your romance or you want to spread joy to your family with drinks, sweets and other delicacies, Gift Hampers has got quite a few offerings for you to choose from.

We highly encourage you to surprise your family and friends this Chinese New Year with one of our fabulous gift hampers. Our boxes include special treats like fruits, chocolates, tea and more, guaranteed to make the day more memorable.


                        The Reasons You Need a Chinese New Year Hamper

When it comes to celebrating the hope that the future brings, you want to start off on the right foot. You can express how much your lover’s affections mean to you or simply show appreciation for a friend or family member with the help of a gift hamper.

Singapore’s customs regarding Chinese New Year include visiting family and friends, cooking great meals and giving thanks for all the great moments and opportunities you have had. Sending a gift hamper is the perfect way to show colleagues, friends and family members how much you value their presence in your life.

The exact date of Chinese New Year varies from year to year, due to it being based on the lunar calendar, but celebrations are typically held in January or February. Festivities may take up to two weeks, and they include colourful fireworks, parades, dances and delicious food.


                        Our Chinese New Year Hampers are Specially Made for You

You can’t go wrong with a classic fruit hamper, which is full of delicious and nutritious treats. Our fruit baskets include items such as apples, plums, kiwis, grapes and even pineapple.

Have a wonderful time toasting the evening away with a bottle of French red wine in your hamper. Our Emperor’s Snacks contains quite a few delicious treats, including dried mushroom, abalone, Ginseng and white fungus. It will be a thoughtful gesture to send a gift hamper to your family and friends during Chinese New Year.

Delight yourself in our special New Year’s themed boxes. They come in a traditional red-coloured container, representing the good fortune that you hope to find in the upcoming year. Better yet, you can even include a personalised card for your recipient to read.

It is also customary to add a delightful gift of champagne or wine to a gift hamper. This will allow your recipient to celebrate the New Year in style.

You can always call us at +65 6280 2212 and our team will be able to assist you. Alternatively, you can email us at Good health, wealth and happiness to all!

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