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Customised Hamper Packing Services

Customised Hamper Packing Services

Giving hampers is a great way to show appreciation to clients and is a fantastic strategy for maintaining good long-term business relationships.

However, choosing the correct gifts for clients can prove to be a challenging task. Gift Hampers Singapore understands that each customer has a different business model, budget and style of gifting. Our expert staff are well experienced in the field of corporate gifting and customising gift hampers that suit specific needs. We heartily welcome our customers to discuss what they want with their hampers and we are more than happy to make your gift stand out from the crowd.


Choosing the perfect gifts

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect gift for your clients. On top of finding the desired items for your hampers, a little customisation goes a long way. Adding a personal touch to any gift will immediately deem the gift more valuable, unique and make the client feel more special.


Sourcing service

Gift Hampers Singapore offers you hampers for special occasions, consisting of a wide range of products. We provide you with excellent customer service and advice in customising your hamper and choosing the gifts that cater to you and your clients’ needs.


Customisation on gift boxes, gift baskets and gift items

There are many ways to customise your gifts at Gift Hampers Singapore. Feel free to discuss with our hamper experts on what your business needs to impress clients. In addition to the act of gifting itself, here are a few ways to make your gift extra memorable:

  • A subtle mention of your brand or company logo is a great visual reminder of the close business relationship. You can opt to have your brand name or logo printed on the gift boxes, gift baskets and gift items to promote your brand. The small addition of the name also inherently makes your gift unique and stand out from the rest.
  • We offer a wide variety of gift boxes and baskets in a spectrum of colours, so you can mix and match with ease to create a colour theme or style that suits your corporate personality.
  • Customised gift boxes, baskets and gift items are required to meet minimum order quantity.
  • If you already have your own ideal gifts but need assistance in the presentation, we offer the option for you to provide your own gifts and our experts will rearrange and pack for you.

Talk to our Hamper Experts today

For any queries or discussion on preparing your hamper, please contact our hamper expert. Our experienced staff can be easily reached via phone or email:

Phone: +65 6280 2212


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