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Easter Gift Hamper


Easter is one of spring’s most popular celebrations, and sending gifts to loved ones is a great way to commemorate the occasion. Your loved ones want to receive a gift hamper that is based on their own individual likes, and Gift Hampers SG makes it easy to send a present the whole family will enjoy. This is the season for bunnies, chocolate, eggs and baby chickens -- why not spread good cheer for the holiday with a gift hamper celebrating this?

Easter hampers are a great choice because they can be catered to the whole family or for the little ones. Chocolate is a common symbol associated with Easter, and many of our gift hampers offer a wide selection of delectable treats. Toys are also a great gift for children, and a plush bunny can be a fantastic keepsake.

Here are a few of our favorite gift hampers to celebrate Easter:

  • Our Easter Choc-o-lot includes Lindt Gold Easter Mini Bunny, M&M's Mini Eggs, Loving Earth Chocolate and more. This gift hamper is a great choice for a significant other or an entire family, and it's also the perfect gift for the chocolate-lover in your life.
  • Easter Surprise includes Makers & Merchants UK Zesty Citrus, Stem Ginger & Chocolate Biscuits, Maltesers Easter Egg and Cartwright & Butler Stem Ginger Biscuits. This hamper is definitely another great choice of present which arrives in a stylish basket. Nobody could resisit it.
  • Easter Provisions combined chocolates and healthy treats, such as Cadbury Easter Egg, Le Chocolatier Domori Assorted Chocolate, Ape Snacks Crunchy Coconut Bites and Emily Gluten Free Crunchy Spring Greens. This is the perfect and special gift choice to express your Easter wishes to your friends and family.

    A Hopping Good Easter with Gift Hampers SG


    Our selection of Easter hampers includes everything you need to send your love and care for the Easter holiday. Whether you want to send delicious chocolate treats to a little one or you want your significant other to know that you are thinking of them, Gift Hampers SG makes the process of ordering simple.