Halloween Hampers

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Halloween Hampers


Why is Halloween Celebrated?

The name Halloween is derived from the Scottish term for All Hallows Eve which basically means the evening before All Saints' Day. All saints day is celebrated every year on November 1st. Hence Halloween is celebrated on its eve on 31st October.  According to ancient European traditions, Halloween has originated from their Gaelic festival called Samhain which means summers end. On this day people used to celebrate the end of the harvest season. 

In ancient times, the Gaels believed that the walls between the spiritual world and our world were very thin. And to protect their harvested crops from these spirits, they would invite the good spirits and set up places for them at their dinner tables. They used to light bonfires to wade off the evil spirits.


Halloween Celebrations

By the 16th century, people in UK started dressing up in scary costumes and impersonated the dead. They visited each other’s houses and would ask for food treats in exchange of a poem recital or some trick. Halloween is now highly commercialised and is enjoyed and celebrated by both young and old. It is celebrated across the world on 31st October, Children dress up in different costumes visit people’s houses and knock on the door and say  trick or treat! Children are given a variety of candies as their treats.


Best Chocolate and Candy Hampers for Halloween

It is the night of magic, the night of horror. This wicked wicker hamper is filled with a variety of treats for your loved one. Fruit flavoured snacks, shortbread fingers with dark chocolate, Cadbury goohead crème filled eggs, chocolate shells and more.

A hauntingly delicious hamper loaded with the best candy treats and snacks. A variety of candies and chocolates sweep your dear ones of their feet. Fruit lollipops, fruit bears, shortbread fingers with dark chocolate, googly eyes chocolate and more are packed beautifully in a bamboo wicker basket.

A spooky hamper is ideal for Halloween. Trick or treats is a hamper of candies and chocolates packed in a beautiful weave box. Fruit flavoured snacks and fruit bears. Googly eyed chocolate and goohead crème filled eggs, all together to make a mouth-watering hamper.

Luxury Halloween hamper for your family. The hamper includes a pumpkin candy bag, organic dark chocolate with sea salts, sweet crackers and variety of Halloween special chocolates. Halloween bash is the ideal Halloween gift for your family.


Gift Hampers SG Delivery and Tracking


Our competent delivery team will ensure that your handpicked hampers will be elegantly packed in gift baskets or boxes and will reach the intended recipient on time. We aim to offer excellent quality, value and services, with free shipping and delivery services to the metropolitan areas within Singapore. You can track your order at our customer hotline: +65 6280 2212 or email to hello@gifthampers.com.sg.