Hari Raya

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Hari Raya

Day of Celebration

Hari Raya Puasa is the "Day of Celebration". It is celebrated in Singapore to mark the end of a very important religious festival Ramadan. Ramadan is the month of fasting which is observed by Muslims across the world.


On this auspicious day they visit the mosque and offer prayers, followed by visiting the graves of their ancestors. From the 20th day till the end of this religious festival, oil lamps are lit at everyone’s homes and in all the mosques. People dress up in new finery, clean and decorate their houses. During the evenings, people visit each other and celebrate Hari Raya by savoring on delicious food like sweets, a meat dish called ketupat, rending etc. Singapore celebrates this day with great joy. This pious festival is a symbol of cleansing and rejuvenation, it is the triumph of self-control.


Gifting love and cheer to our loved ones

People gift delicacies and presents to their family and dear ones to mark the occasion. We have got some of the best hampers for Hari Raya which will surely enthrall your loved ones.


• Loaded with goodies and delicacies Premium Hari Raya Hamper is the perfect gift for your family to celebrate Hari Raya. The hamper is an explosion of happiness filled with best chocolates and cookies in different varieties. Complemented with packs of delicious dates and cashews. Elegantly packed in Gift Hampers Singapore Exclusive Gift Box.
• Know someone who has a sweet tooth? Sugary delights is the best hamper to gift them this Hari Raya. Filled with all kinds of chocolates, mixed berries, cookies, it is the ideal gift for your loved ones. Rocky Choco, almonds in chocolate, green tea almond chocolates. The beautiful hamper box also includes a box of spicy Cashewnuts as an accompaniment to the sweet treats.
• This delicious everlasting celebrations hamper is a wonderful treat to one’s taste buds. It is the ideal gift for celebrating this pious festival. After a month of fasting and penance, gift your loved ones a bag of goodies which they can savour. Loaded with chocolates with different fillings. Sparking juice, pack of spiced cashewnuts and tasty dates. Accompanied by some savoury snacks, cookies and mixed berries, this hamper is a complete package. Mouth-watering gourmet hamper for your family and friends.
• Not sure what to pick up for your dear ones this Hari Raya. Your worries end here, Delightful festivities is a gift hamper which will surely make your family and friends light up with joy. Filled with a variety of delicious chocolates, cookies and nuts. A treat to make the celebration more enjoyable and memorable.


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