Hari Raya

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  1. Executive Treats

    Executive Treats

    This hamper is a perfect corporate gift. Whether you give it to your colleagues, your boss, or your clients, this hamper will certainly please anyone receiving it. Packed with a variety of delicious treats such as chocolates, dates, and cashew nuts. Learn More
  2. Friendly Love

    Friendly Love

    This Hari Raya, why not give your close friends a hamper that they're sure to love? This hamper is loaded with all the delicious snacks anyone would enjoy! Filled with chocolates, wafers, cookies, dates and nuts. Learn More
  3. Simple Yet Sweet

    Simple Yet Sweet

    No celebration is complete without giving gifts! If you're looking for a hamper that the receiver will surely appreciate, then this hamper is just what you're looking for. It includes a variety of scrumptuous items such as chocolates, nuts, choco rolls, dates, honey, and even tea! Learn More
  4. Premium Hari Raya Hamper

    Premium Hari Raya Hamper

    This gourmet hamper is loaded with all sorts of yummy treats. It's a perfect gift for festivals and celebrations; anyone receiving it will certainly explode with happiness. Filled with different kinds of chocolates as well as cookies, dates, and cashews. Learn More
  5. Sugary Delights

    Sugary Delights

    Looking for a great gift for someone who loves sweets? This hamper is just what you're looking for! With all sorts of chocolates, green peas, and mixed fruit chips, this hamper is perfect to give to someone you care for and appreciate! Learn More
  6. Sweetness Galore

    Sweetness Galore

    Chocolate gifts are the best! Who wouldn't want to receive a gift hamper filled with these sweet treats? This hamper includes a variety of chocolates any receiver would love. It also includes tasty egg yolk potato crisp and walnuts that are perfect for sharing with friends and family. Learn More
  7. Everlasting Celebrations

    Everlasting Celebrations

    Satisfy anyone's taste buds with this delicious gourmet hamper. Perfect for celebrations and festivals. Share all sorts of chocolatey goodness with your friends and family as well as other yummy snacks that's sure to make your, and everyone else's, mouth water. Learn More
  8. Hari Raya Blessings

    Hari Raya Blessings

    Want to show how much you love someone this Hari Raya? Give them this delightfully sweet hamper that is filled with all sorts of chocolate treats! It also comes along with cashew nuts, fruit chips and cookies that are sure to bring a smile to anyone you give it to. Learn More
  9. Gourmet Treats

    Gourmet Treats

    Gourmet hampers are one of the best gifts you can get for festivals. This gourmet hamper is loaded with all the treats people will love such as fruit chips, cashews, chocolates, and sparkling juice. Learn More
  10. Sweet Luxe

    Sweet Luxe

    Share this amazing hamper to your friends and family this Hari Raya. Packed with chocolates, dates, and mixed nuts, anyone receiving this hamper will surely be in for a treat. Learn More
  11. Goodie Galore

    Goodie Galore

    Thinking about which gift to get for your family this Hari Raya? Look no more! This hamper is the perfect gift to share with your family members. It's packed with all kinds of goodies they'll surely love and appreciate! Learn More
  12. Hari Raya Deluxe

    Hari Raya Deluxe

    Treat your friends and colleagues with this gourmet hamper which includes a variety of goodies they're sure to love such as chocolates, cookies, and nuts! Learn More
  13. Eid Superior Hamper

    Eid Superior Hamper

    Thinking about a great gift for Hari Raya? Look no further! This hamper is just what you need. It includes a wide variety of chocolates as well as wasabi coated peas and salted egg yolk potato crisps that anyone would enjoy. Learn More
  14. A Family's Delight

    A Family's Delight

    Delight your family with this amazing hamper filled with a variety of treats such as mixed nuts, cookies, cereal bites and chicken essence. All these goodies are placed in a gorgeous bamboo wicker basket. Learn More
  15. Delicious Delicacies

    Delicious Delicacies

    Did anyone say nutritious? This hamper can be described as just that! With all sorts of healthy snacks, you can never go wrong with this hamper. Perfect for celebrations and festivals. Learn More
  16. Sumptuous Delights

    Sumptuous Delights

    Looking for a delicious Hari Raya hamper? This hamper is just perfect for the occasion! Anyone you give this hamper to will definitely appreciate it. This hamper is filled with yummy treats such as the assorted milk chocolate, blueberry butter cookies and even mixed veggie chips! Learn More
  17. Luxurious Basket

    Luxurious Basket

    Hari Raya is a very important time of the year and a great time to celebrate with your loved ones. Share this delicious gourmet hamper with your family and friends and feast over a variety of yummy treats such as chocolates, crisps, cookies, nuts, and cereal bites. Learn More
  18. Sweet Moments

    Sweet Moments

    Chocolates are a great gift for just about any occasion because who doesn't love them? This hamper is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth. Filled with all sorts of chocolates and even seedless dates and honey, this hamper is one you should definitely consider. Learn More
  19. Festive Days

    Festive Days

    Enjoy festivals more with this scrumptious hamper. Share white chocolates, cashew nuts, dates, chips and honey with those around you and make celebrations even better! Learn More
  20. Joyous Times

    Joyous Times

    This marvellous hamper is a perfect gift for your colleagues and clients. Filled with a variety of yummy treats such as chips, nuts, cookies, crisps and dates. Easily shareable and mouth-watering! Learn More
  21. Hari Raya Moments

    Hari Raya Moments

    Looking for a great gift for your family this Hari Raya? This hamper is one of the best choices! The receiver can enjoy a lot of tasty treats and sweets, all great for sharing! Learn More
  22. Delightful Festivities

    Delightful Festivities

    Having trouble choosing the best festival gift? Look no further! This hamper is packed with simple goodness, chocolate, dates, wafer and tea! Learn More
  23. Peaceful Treats

    Peaceful Treats

    Any celebration is not complete without gifts. When choosing a celebration gift, go for treats that are easily shareable. This hamper is loaded with all sorts of yummy treats everyone is sure to love. Learn More
  24. Eid Festivities

    Eid Festivities

    The festival of Eid is a special occasion that deserves worthy celebrations. What better way to celebrate this occasion by giving gifts to those close to your heart. This hamper is just what you're looking for. Filled with a variety of yummy chocolates and tasty snacks such as broccoli florets, milk chocolate, nuts and cereal bites. Learn More
  25. Hari Raya Craves

    Hari Raya Craves

    Hari Raya is a great occasion to give gifts to your loved ones. Share these delicious goods such as chocolates, eclairs, crisps, dates and nuts that are sure to make the day brighter. Learn More
  26. Hari Raya Supreme

    Hari Raya Supreme

    Celebrations are a great way to spend time with friends and family which is why gifts are important as well to show how much you care for them. This hamper has all the treats anyone could ask for. It's packed with a variety of items including chocolates, chips, nuts, and onion rings. Learn More
  27. Splendid Joy

    Splendid Joy

    Make any celebration special by sharing this mouth-watering hamper filled with treats that are great for sharing with friends and family. With different kinds of chocolates to choose from as well as mixed berries and cashew nuts, everyone you share it with will be jumping for joy. Learn More
  28. Party Paradise

    Party Paradise

    Looking for a hamper that will make the receiver's mouth water? This hamper is just what you're looking for. Loaded with delicious cookies, milk chocolates, onion rings, and chilli lime peanuts, this will truly be a great gift for your friends. Learn More
  29. Corporate Treats

    Corporate Treats

    When choosing a great corporate gift for your colleagues, it's best to go for snacks that's perfect for sharing. This hamper is just that! Packed with all the tasty treats everyone in the office can enjoy. Learn More
  30. Bringer of Delight

    Bringer of Delight

    Looking for a great gift for your boss? This hamper is definitely a great choice. It's sure to bring delight to anyone who receives it with the yummy treats it brings to the table. Learn More
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Hari Raya

Day of Celebration

Hari Raya Puasa is the "Day of Celebration". It is celebrated in Singapore to mark the end of a very important religious festival Ramadan. Ramadan is the month of fasting which is observed by Muslims across the world.


On this auspicious day they visit the mosque and offer prayers, followed by visiting the graves of their ancestors. From the 20th day till the end of this religious festival, oil lamps are lit at everyone’s homes and in all the mosques. People dress up in new finery, clean and decorate their houses. During the evenings, people visit each other and celebrate Hari Raya by savoring on delicious food like sweets, a meat dish called ketupat, rending etc. Singapore celebrates this day with great joy. This pious festival is a symbol of cleansing and rejuvenation, it is the triumph of self-control.


Gifting love and cheer to our loved ones

People gift delicacies and presents to their family and dear ones to mark the occasion. We have got some of the best hampers for Hari Raya which will surely enthrall your loved ones.


• Loaded with goodies and delicacies Premium Hari Raya Hamper is the perfect gift for your family to celebrate Hari Raya. The hamper is an explosion of happiness filled with best chocolates and cookies in different varieties. Complemented with packs of delicious dates and cashews. Elegantly packed in Gift Hampers Singapore Exclusive Gift Box.
• Know someone who has a sweet tooth? Sugary delights is the best hamper to gift them this Hari Raya. Filled with all kinds of chocolates, mixed berries, cookies, it is the ideal gift for your loved ones. Rocky Choco, almonds in chocolate, green tea almond chocolates. The beautiful hamper box also includes a box of spicy Cashewnuts as an accompaniment to the sweet treats.
• This delicious everlasting celebrations hamper is a wonderful treat to one’s taste buds. It is the ideal gift for celebrating this pious festival. After a month of fasting and penance, gift your loved ones a bag of goodies which they can savour. Loaded with chocolates with different fillings. Sparking juice, pack of spiced cashewnuts and tasty dates. Accompanied by some savoury snacks, cookies and mixed berries, this hamper is a complete package. Mouth-watering gourmet hamper for your family and friends.
• Not sure what to pick up for your dear ones this Hari Raya. Your worries end here, Delightful festivities is a gift hamper which will surely make your family and friends light up with joy. Filled with a variety of delicious chocolates, cookies and nuts. A treat to make the celebration more enjoyable and memorable.


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