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Mid Autumn Festival Hamper

This year you can surprise your family with a gift hamper perfectly suited for the Mid-Autumn festivities. Express your appreciation for all that your loved ones have done for you by having a delightful gift delivered to their doorstep.


You can choose from our excellent variety of gift hampers to find that perfect Mid-Autumn Festival gift for the people in your life. Your gift will make the holidays extra special, especially if you include a mooncake or bottle of wine with your gift.


The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time meant to celebrate friendship and relationships. It is a big time to gather and spend time eating, observing the moon and showing appreciation. In fact, many family members will make a trek from elsewhere simply to visit with others during this time of celebration.


As the premier online gift hamper shop serving Singapore, we offer quite a few options that you can send to friends, family members and colleagues to commemorate this special occasion.


Why Send Gift Hampers for the Mid-Autumn Festival?


The Mid-Autumn festivities focus on spending time with family. For this reason, sending a wonderful gift hamper full of goodies back home veils a powerful message. Even if you cannot make the trip home for the event, you can still send a token of affection and gratitude.


This is also a great time of the year to spread holiday cheer to your colleagues and superiors at work. You can express gratitude for all their assistance over the years. It is essentially a time to show how dedicated you are to work, and the gift will serve as a fantastic reminder of your passion.


The Perfect Gift Hampers for the Mid-Autumn Festival


If you are hoping to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festivities, sending gift hampers is the perfect option. Choosing a specific box could pose a problem, but it is important that you consider the reason for the celebration – the moon.


Sending a gift hamper that contains one of our popular mooncakes is a great idea. Gift Hampers Singapore offers the Peninsula mooncake.


One important aspect of the Mid-Autumn Festival is showing thanks for a bountiful harvest. For this reason, sending fruit baskets is a great way to spread gratitude. Gift Hampers Singapore offers several fruit hampers of varying sizes. You can even add a mooncake or a bottle of wine or champagne as an added gift.


Showing your friends, family members and colleagues that you care is easy when you are willing to send along a personalised gift.


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