Mid-Autumn Hampers

  1. S$0.00 and above (38)
Wine or Champagne
  1. Hampers Only (No Wine) (1)
  2. De Luxe Croix Du Marquis Merlot, 750ml (1)
  3. De Luxe Croix Du Marquis Merlot, 750ml (14)
  4. Alexis Lichine Bordeaux Rouge (2)
  5. Accademia Lambrusco Dell'emilia (4)
  6. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Champagne (10)
Tea Option
  1. Harney & Sons Chinese Flower Tea (2)
  2. Pukka Organic Tea (2)
Tonic Wine
  1. Wincarnis Tonic Wine (4)
  2. Benedictine DOM (4)
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Mid-Autumn Festival Hampers.

The Mid-Autumn festival is a meaningful time of year in Singapore, and it might also be just the perfect reason to pass along a friendly gift. These boxes contain fresh fruit, moon cakes and wine. With so much to celebrate, it will be hard to turn away any of these classic treats.

Mid-Autumn is the perfect opportunity to spread joy with a basket full of fresh fruits. Our gift hampers include fresh selections, including apples, pears, kiwis, grapes, blueberries, dragon fruits, mini watermelons, nectarins, plums and more.

Here are a few of our favorite gift hampers for the Mid-Autumn celebration:

  • Our Luscious Fruit Gift Hamper with Peninsula Mooncake & Wine is a great choice for anybody who loves seasonal fruit. Plus, this nifty little gift box also includes a bottle of red wine and a box of Peninsula mooncakes. It is the perfect corporate treat.
  • We love the Sweet Time fruit hamper because it is totally romantic. It comes with a box of venchi chocolate, which is the perfect gift for a significant other during Mid-Autumn Festival.
  • The Traditional Fruit Basket with Peninsula Mooncake & Wine is also a fantastic gift hamper. In addition to a box of delectable Peninsula mooncakes, the gift hamper also includes a bottle of red wine and some fresh seasonal fruit to share.

  • Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with a Special Gift

    Holidays are few and far between, and that is all the more reason to consider sending a thoughtful gift to somebody you care about. Gift Hampers SG can help you select the perfect give for a significant other, parents, siblings, co-workers or anybody else.

    It’s always nice to make somebody feel good, and that is exactly what you can do with our selection of Mid-Autumn gift hampers. Order online now to take a look at your many options.