Gourmet Gift Hamper

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  4. Lindemans Premier Selection Shiraz Cabernet (3)
  5. Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial (1)
  6. De Luxe Croix Du Marquis Merlot, 750ml (1)
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  1. Secret Admirer

    Secret Admirer

    This gift hamper is filled with a variety of snacks like the sinful truffles, crunchy nuts and greens, buttery shortbread, crispy bath ovals and duck terrine for a twist of flavour! You can pick the color of the gift basket, adding a bit of your own touch to the gift. Learn More
  2. Weekend Essentials Hamper

    Weekend Essentials Hamper

    Send your loved ones a wonderful gift hamper full of goodies for tea time. Our Weekends Essentials Hampers offers the perfect combination of snacks, chocolate and tea for a refreshing and relaxing tea time break. Learn More

    Regular Price: S$185.00

    Special Price S$139.00

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  3. Afternoon Tea

    Afternoon Tea

    Anytime is a good time to take a break and have a nice cup of tea. Pair it with our all-time favorite Truffles Chocolate and our biscuits. Perfect gift for any tea lovers out there! Learn More
  4. A Quiet Cuppa

    A Quiet Cuppa

    Send your loved ones a little love gift for tea time. A Quiet Cuppa offers delicious and wholesome goodies like biscuits, charcoal squares, dried cranberry and tea, perfect for a short "getaway"!

    Learn More
  5. Royal Treats

    Royal Treats

    Make your loved ones feel like royalty with this hamper! It contains crunchy delights like coconut bites, savoury biscuits, crispy bath ovals, chocolate and assorted tea flavours for a relaxing tea party.

    Learn More

    Regular Price: S$187.00

    Special Price S$141.00

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  6. Pure Extravagance

    Pure Extravagance

    Lavish your loved one with this hamper! It contains a number of delectable goodies like buttery shortbread, yummy fruit spread, sinful truffles, crisp bath ovals and tea. Pure extravagance, what else? Learn More
  7. Royale Indulgence

    Royale Indulgence

    Surrounded with fine snacks like savoury chocolate, crunchy bites, green crisps, sweet cookies and caviar chips etc, it will make anyone feel like a king or queen. Indulge your loved ones with this hamper, they will definitely love it! Learn More

    Regular Price: S$124.00

    Special Price S$100.00

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  8. Bitesize Goodness

    Bitesize Goodness

    This hamper is ideal as a corporate gift or for anyone who just loves a good afternoon snack. It consists of bitesize cookies, crisps, dried cranberry and tea. Learn More
  9. Supreme Enjoyment

    Supreme Enjoyment

    Send our 'Supreme Enjoyment' Hamper to friends and colleagues to give them something to look forward to this weekend. Champagne and chocolates make a fantastic duo and are great if someone requires a little cheering up. Learn More
  10. Break Bites

    Break Bites

    This gift hamper has all the items needed for tea break in the afternoon, biscuits, chocolate, crisps and nuts. It is the perfect gift for a busy office worker! Learn More
  11. A Happy Moment

    A Happy Moment

    Enjoy a healthy snack basket with your family and friends. This basket include Kale Crisps and Pure Organic Birch Water, it will surely impress the receipient. Learn More
  12. Crisp Or Crunch

    Crisp Or Crunch

    This hamper will guarantee satisfaction with every bite! Filled with items that are crunch and crispy, gift this to anyone who enjoys the texture and sound of a good munch! Learn More

    Regular Price: S$110.00

    Special Price S$88.00

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  13. Bright and Cheery

    Bright and Cheery

    Feel bright and cheery as you gift this hamper to someone you wishes to feel the same! This gift hamper contains everything sweet, from sweets to chocolate and biscuits, promising you that the perosn recieving it will feel sweet inside, literally or metaphorically. Learn More
  14. Healthy Time Out

    Healthy Time Out

    Need a healthier break from your busy time in the office? This gourmet basket can help you and your friend to enjoy a little time out with healthy snacks. Send this hamper as the perfect housewarming or birthday gift, offering a mouthwatering variety of different veggie crisp to your friends and family. Learn More
  15. Gourmet Indulgence

    Gourmet Indulgence

    A luxury gourmet hamper for you to share with your friends and family. This hamper comes with the luxury duck terrine and crispbread, which could be the snack for you or get ready for the delicious Italian risotto. You can enjoy cooking the Italian risotto with the ingredients and seasoning in this hamper. The Gourmet Indulgence is also a choice for your friend who loves cooking or enjoys Italian cuisine. Learn More

    Regular Price: S$208.00

    Special Price S$146.00

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  16. Happy Kitchen

    Happy Kitchen

    These culinary delicacies are a fantastic addition to the kitchen, whether you are after a quick snack or looking to cook a hearty meal, this hamper has it all. Learn More

    Regular Price: S$195.00

    Special Price S$147.00

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  17. Hidden Gems

    Hidden Gems

    Shortbread and chocolates are a great gift for celebrations because they're easy to share among friends. This gift hamper includes a Le Chocolatier Domori Assorted Chocolate, beetroot crisps, nuts, pumpkin seeds, shortbread and sparkling water. Perfect as a corporate gift or a festival gift. Learn More

    Regular Price: S$133.00

    Special Price S$107.00

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  18. Picnic Hamper

    Picnic Hamper

    Have yourself a mini picnic with this hamper of biscuits, nuts and spreads, or enjoy at the home or office during your snack break alongside a hot cup of tea or coffee. Learn More
  19. Taste of Italy

    Taste of Italy

    Everything you need to cook up a delicious pasta dish is included in our 'Taste of Italy' gourmet hamper. This hamper is a culinary delight to those who love to cook Learn More

    Regular Price: S$171.00

    Special Price S$129.00

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  20. Savoury Couple

    Savoury Couple

    A simple gift that goes far, nothing over the top or overly extravagant yet fulfilling to a session of afternoon tea. This hamper basket is perfect for the couple who enjoys their freshly brewed tea, respectively or not, served with savoury wholesome snacks, lemon chia biscuits, aromatic pepper and chives crispbread, healthy wheat fingers, and tea all delivered and packed in our white and blue box. Simplicity and elegance can't be demonstrated better. Learn More
  21. The Cracker Feast

    The Cracker Feast

    Crispbread is a great alternative to bread, they are lower in calories and work as great with all sorts of spreads and dips. Our Cracker Feast hamper box allows crispbread lovers to explore with unconventional combinations like duck terrine-crispbread or black truffle-crispbread. Take a break while you neutralise the strong distinct flavours before and after each taste with some rejuvenating tea. Learn More

    Regular Price: S$152.00

    Special Price S$114.00

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  22. Teatime Favourites

    Teatime Favourites

    This hamper consists of usual snack favourites for tea, such as biscuits, bites, sweets and pumpkin seeds. If you are not sure what to buy for a teatime gift, this hamper has it all ready packed for you! Learn More

    Regular Price: S$155.00

    Special Price S$117.00

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  23. The Highlanders

    The Highlanders

    Thinking about having tea at your house? Order The Highlanders to serve up a special treat when you do. Your guests will devour this gift hamper, which includes sinful Triple Choc Chunk Biscuits and Meridien Organic Strawberry Jam. Have a cup of Taylors Tea and relax with a handful of wheat fingers or break of a piece of delightful Domori chocolate. It all arrives in a Exclusive Round Gift Box, perfect for a celebration outside. Learn More
  24. Afternoon Snack

    Afternoon Snack

    Assorted textured biscuits of which aroma lingers in your mouth, have them alone or topped with assorted jam to spice up those flavours. Consumed with a cup of tea, a catch-up session has never been better spent. Furthermore, recipients will be delighted by the sight of our pretty gift box. Learn More
  25. Sunday Times

    Sunday Times

    There is nothing better than a relaxing Sunday whereby you would be able to lounge on the comfy couch and watch some TV shows. Of course, munching on some delectable chips while savouring our aromatic craft beers will only elevate the whole experience. Learn More

    Out of stock

  26. Party Favourites

    Party Favourites

    Send some Party Favourites to somebody you care about with our special gift hamper. This gift includes either three snacks alongside a collection of fresh and delicious Asahi beer. Your recipient will enjoy a fine selection of snacks and a total of six drinks. The gifts arrive in our signature basket, perfect for a corporate event, festival or housewarming party. Learn More
  27. Romantic World

    Romantic World

    Have a romantic evening planned for your other half? Our 'Romantic World' Hamper includes champagne flutes, mini champagne bottles and a box of chocolates - a great pre-dinner gift to set the mood. Learn More

    Regular Price: S$149.00

    Special Price S$120.00

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  28. The Classy Gold

    The Classy Gold

    A golden gift for the golden one. A gold themed hamper can never go wrong. Be it formal or casual, our Classy Gold hamper is perfect for any occasion. The tinge of black and gold is prominent both exteriorly and interiorly, forging a greater sense of sophistication and elegance. Besides its appearance, the Classy Gold offers a wide variety of delectable snacks coupled with champagne. Recipients will be in bliss to have received this. Learn More

    Regular Price: S$240.00

    Special Price S$225.00

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  29. The Avid Reader

    The Avid Reader

    A simple basket for the one who reads. Accompanied by a good book, the reader mulls between the lines as she obtains inspiration from the various textures and flavours of the basket. Crispy bath ovals alone or topped with savoury terrine, buttery shortbread, crunchy nuts, sweet chocolates coupled with a velvety red wine. She/He couldn't ask for more. Learn More
  30. Made for You

    Made for You

    Looking for a great corporate gift? Whether it's for your colleagues, bosses, or even your clients, this gift hamper is a great choice! It's filled with a variety of treats including gummies, nuts, shortbread, and chocolates. You can also choose which wine or champagne to go along with it. Learn More

    Regular Price: S$126.00

    Special Price S$101.00

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  31. Italian Cook Off

    Italian Cook Off

    This hamper is all about Italian cuisine and it gives you the change to enjoy the ultimate cooking experience. You can create your own favour for the pasta with the special Mill & Mortar Seaweed Salt Flakes and Morelli Red Chilli Pasta. It will be the most special gift for your be-love one. Learn More

    Out of stock

  32. Natural Grace

    Natural Grace

    Make your loved one feel refreshed inside and out! This gift hamper includes tea for them to start the day refreshed, body wash and oil, which have the perfect rose water scent which everybody's skin love. Learn More

    Out of stock

  33. Sweet Bites

    Sweet Bites

    Doing without alcohol, this hamper is impeccable for younger receivers. Top that, this colourful themed basket is refreshing and vibrant. Loaded with sweet snacks, the youthful ones can entertain themselves with good company. Learn More

    Out of stock

  34. Gourmet Assortment

    Gourmet Assortment

    An arrangement for one who prefers different textures. Our Gourmet Assortment of smoked cheese biscuit, crunchy smoked almond, crumbly honey pecan biscuits, instant -melt chocolate truffles and rich red wine. All in a pretty woven basket, recipients are bound to feel overwhelmed by whats there to offer. Learn More

    Out of stock

  35. Perfect Surprise

    Perfect Surprise

    A simple yet classy gift for her, filled with sweet and savoury treats to discover, as well as a bottle of Mini Moet. Presented in our Round Gift Box, this hamper is bound to brighten her day and bring a smile to her face. Perfect for a birthday, anniversary or Mother's Day. Learn More

    Out of stock

  36. The Crackling Tastebuds

    The Crackling Tastebuds

    Cant get enough of crunch and crumbs? We have an option for you. Our Crackling Tastebuds basket is jam packed with crispy and crumbly snacks. Recipients shall be spoilt for choice by the vareity of textured crackers and flavoured bscuits offered. If that is not enough, spread on various flavoured jam to spice up your tastebuds. After tasting these dry goodies, moisturise your throats with a cup of calming vanilla tea. Stir in some honey for added sweetness. Learn More

    Out of stock

  37. Memorable Moment

    Memorable Moment

    Help the ones you care by sending this thoughtfully curated basket of goodness. Coconut water is a refreshing low-calorie natural beverage packed with antioxidants and minerals. Healthy snacks like watermelon seeds and veggie chips are also perfect for the health-conscious. This gift basket is the best choice for someone you care. Learn More

    Out of stock

  38. Regal Life

    Regal Life

    Get into the celebratory mood with our champagne and glass gift box. This gift is ideal for special occasions or as a small token of thanks to friends, family and business partners. Learn More

    Out of stock

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Gourmet Gift Hampers


No matter what the occasion, gourmet hampers are by far one of the most thoughtful, wholesome and practical gifts of all. Everyone enjoys a good delicious snack and nothing is better than to share these moments with the ones they love. Whether it’s a treasure trove of lip-smacking sweets for your beloved or a basket full of goodies for your loved ones, gourmet hampers are a wonderful choice of a gift.

Bring some warmth into the lives of your loved ones with Gift Hampers SG’s delightful gourmet hampers. Packed with nutrients and a variety of feel-good gourmet, not only will this gift lighten the mood but will be a clear indication of how much you care about their health and happiness.


Here are a few of our favorite gourmet gift hampers:

  • A fine selection of French wine and nuts from England are included in our The Weekender gift hamper, giving you an excellent selection for a celebration. You and your loved one can enjoy a glass of red wine in addition to a handful of delicious almonds and cashews.
  • We love the Wine & Chocolate Time hamper, which offers French wine, foie gras, organic crackers and dark chocolate. It is the perfect choice for a birthday party, housewarming party or other celebration.
  • Something Different gift hamper includes salted almonds, dark chocolate coffee beans, almond cookies and tea. This is definitely a great choice for an intimate occasion with a loved one if you are ready for something different.
  • Our Party Favourites basket includes a selection of beers and casual snacks for friends. It is a great choice for a housewarming party or other celebration.
  • We think the Tea Time Basket is a great choice for a party or special occasion. It offers high-quality gourmet items, including Venchi chocolate, 'The Peninsula' Long Jing Tea and Beautiful Tea Cup Set


The Best Gourmet Gift Hampers from Gift Hampers SG


Here at Gift Hampers SG, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide you with the best gifting experience, leaving the recipients satisfied. We strive to offer the finest quality products and excellent customer service at all times. If delicious snacks and food items are what you’re looking for, our gourmet hampers will surely not disappoint.


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Visit our website and browse our wide range of gourmet gift hampers today. Not only is our site easy to navigate, you will also be able to easily track the delivery of your purchase. On top of that, we offer free shipping to anywhere within the Singapore metropolitan area.

So hurry, and make your purchase with us today!